About Student Programs

NDSEC operates a variety of programs designed to address the needs of its students, maintaining a full continuum of placement options in three programs: Itinerants, Academic Life Skills, and Social Support.

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Program Philosophy

Our philosophical base is that, to the greatest extent possible, students are educated in general education settings located in various member districts, as close to the student's home as possible. NDSEC programs are designed with goals of all students achieving full life opportunities as adults.

NDSEC-operated program descriptions:


NDSEC provides services to students identified in the IEP with visual or hearing impairments through the services of vision and hearing itinerant teachers. For these students, the itinerant teaches strategies, advocacy skills, provides accommodations and modifications, and consults with the district and NDSEC staff to help them with instruction to meet the student's ongoing educational needs. In addition, Orientation and Mobility services are provided for visually impaired students with identified safety concerns when traveling independently in familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Academic Life Skills Program (ALSP)

NDSEC's programs for students identified with cognitive, physical or multiple impairments utilize a trans-disciplinary team model in supporting the needs of students with developmental difficulties. Skills presented in this program focus on a modified curriculum based upon the Illinois Learning Standards aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Instruction and therapies work in collaboration to support the curriculum and students' individual goals. These programs are located within public schools or a community setting so that integration with typical peers can occur.

Transition Program

The Transition Program serves students with moderate to severe disabilities who are between the ages of 18-22 years old (after completing 4 years of high school) as they prepare to be contributing members of a community. Independence and life skills are the primary objectives of this program.

Language and Social Skills Opportunities Program (LASSO)

NDSEC's program for academically capable students who require supports with social communication, sensory regulation, and social skills to participate within the general education setting.

Social Support Program (SSP)

NDSEC's programs for students with behavioral-emotional needs utilize a model of teaching and integrating pro-social behaviors, scheduled reinforcement of specifically identified behaviors, and clinical interventions via a team model for supporting the varied needs of students. The academic and emotional curriculums are aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Lincoln Academy

Lincoln Academy is a therapeutic day school operated by North DuPage Special Education Cooperative. Lincoln Academy serves primary through high school students whose behavioral-emotional needs cannot be met successfully within the general education environment. Lincoln Academy integrates therapeutic interventions with classroom academic programming. The presented curriculum aligns with the Illinois Learning Standards based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and is supplemented with art, music, and pet therapy. Lincoln Academy can also serve as an Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES) for students who have IEPs in our member districts.

Related Services

All NDSEC-operated programs provide a full-range of related services, including psychological, social work, physical therapy, adapted physical education, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, vocational services, and health services cliquez pour plus d'infos. All programs receive ongoing supervision and technical assistance from NDSEC's administrators.

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