Instructional Guide

Instruction based on the individual student's needs and IEP goals which are linked to the Illinois Learning Standards, including everyday adult activities requiring a knowledge base.

  • Consumer Education
  • Students are instructed in basic money management skills as they transition to a wide variety of adult environments. Instruction is provided for all levels of independence with adaptations, support, and supervision, as necessary. As consumers in the world, students are exposed to methods of handling their money to make purchases, pay bills, open accounts, and budgeting.

  • Reading

    Students will continue instruction to read for daily living, safety, and leisure purposes.

  • Safety
  • Students will learn to maintain personal safety within their local community environments while walking, driving, or as a passenger in a variety of vehicles.

  • Computer and Internet
  • Students will utilize the computer for learning and leisure activities within the school and home environments.

  • College of DuPage
  • Opportunities are provided for students to enroll in non-credit special education classes at the local community junior college.

  • Sex Education – Family Life and Sexual Health
  • The curriculum is comprehensive and the overall goals are to assist in the education of our students in areas of respectful behavior of self and others, human development and reproduction, and critical life skills around solid health practices. The curriculum focuses on relationships, how our bodies work, and various sexual health topics.

  • Rec/Leisure
  • Recreational areas within the students' community are explored to further enhance a link for leisure activities.

  • Community Based Instruction
  • Community Based Instruction combines functional math, reading and matching skills, as well as teaching appropriate social skills generalized into a community setting. Students learn, explore, and practice skills taught in the program in their home community.

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Independent skills the students will acquire as they transition to adult life.

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