Language and Social Skills Opportunities Program

The LASSO Program serves students who are eligible for special education and require an educational environment with intensive programming. The program provides individualized interventions to support students across academic, communication, sensory, social/emotional, and motor domains. Our focus is on nurturing the growth of the whole child by fostering independence and building skills for successful transition into the general education setting.

Characteristics of students typically referred to the LASSO Program:

  • Students with core academic skills at grade level or approaching grade level expectations.
  • Students with sensory needs that impact the ability to actively participate in the learning environment.
  • Students who have frequent occurrences of emotional and/or behavioral dysregulation.
  • Students who require support with language and social skills.
  • Students in need of assistance with school routines, including schedules and transitions.

 Program Model:

  • Targeted instruction and intervention strategies to build upon existing skill sets across core academic domains.
  • A classroom learning environment that is organized, predictable, and includes visual supports (e.g., picture schedule, cue cards, regulation cues, and social stories).
  • Sensory needs are proactively managed by providing appropriate breaks, activities, and equipment, as needed.
  • Focus on language development and use that incorporates visual supports and communication systems, as appropriate.
  • Multidisciplinary team approach that includes a special education teacher, social worker, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, school psychologist, certified school nurse, and other related service personnel, as required.

Elementary (Kindergarten – Grade 8)

1) Tioga School (Grades 1-2)
     212 W. Memorial Rd.
     Bensenville, IL 60106
Classroom Teacher: Colleen Flannery
Supervisor: James Zinni  [email protected] 

2) Spring Hills School (Grades K-2)
     560 S. Pinecroft Dr.
      Roselle, IL 60172
Classroom Teacher: Stephanie Murphy
Supervisor: James Zinni  [email protected]

3) Spring Hills School (Grades 3-5)
     560 S. Pinecroft Dr.
     Roselle, IL 60172
Classroom Teacher: Stephanie Flint
Supervisor: James Zinni  [email protected]

4) Roselle Middle School (Grades 6-8)
     500 S. Park
     Roselle, IL 60172
Classroom Teacher: Kaley Mockus
Supervisor: James Zinni  [email protected]

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